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Updates from the President.

2022 Dues

It is that time of the year again. Time for 2022 Dues to be paid.

Please download the 2022 Form off the web page and fill it out.

Send it in, bring it to a brunch or a meeting.

Here we go again with the RACES Room on lock down for Winter Field Day. We are working on 24-1 as a Winter Field Day location. We must work out an antenna for 24-1. Who would like to work Field Day????

Listing to the Ham Radio with very few people talking on it. I would like to see if the Club could get on more often with each other.

The CMCARE Website is updated for 2022., with club officers. This will be a work in progress for the rest of the year.

Please read the weekly updates from the President, this will keep you up on what we are doing for the club week to week.

The Club is still looking for donations of antenna poles (4’) for HF use and coax cable in one-hundred-foot laths. Hard Cases for one or two radios that do not have a case.

Keep up to date on everything we are doing by using the Club Website, Meeting & Events are listed as far out as we can to help everyone plan.

The Constitution & By-Laws are posted on the “Members Only” page. they will go in to affect starting January 1, 2022.


When coming to OEM


When coming to the OEM (any time) park in the grass field opposite the OEM. Everyone coming in the OEM must have a mask on. All doors will always be locked. We will have a person on 146.415 PL 203.5. If you come to a meeting or any other event and the door is closed, just call W2CMC


Online HamFest

We are now Selling and Looking for things on our HamFest page


Last update 01/23/2022